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Japan has a culture called Bon Odori, which has a history of approximately 1,000 years.
"Bon Odori" is a dance for worshiping ancestors in the "Bon (盆) season" (July-August) derived from Buddhism, and there are more than 1,000 different types of dance nationwide Japan.
Japan's Three Great Bon Odori Festival, 西馬音内 盆踊り( Nishimonai Bon Odori )in Akita Prefecture, 郡上踊り(Gujo Odori ) in Gifu Prefecture, 阿波踊り(Awa Odori) in Tokushima Prefecture. More than 10 million people participate in the "Bon Odori" every year across the country.

The Bon Odori, often held as a "festival" where many people gather and enjoy. Bon Odori can be freely attended and experienced by young and old men and women. Also, foreign guests can.

At the "Bon Odori " venue, the same songs repeat over and over, so even a person who does not know how to dance can watch, learn and attend quickly.
Usually, people dance in traditional Japanese costumes such as "Yukata."
Many times in "Bon Odori" similar songs, and a quite identical choreographies, so your mood can be effortlessly uplifting and fun.
Also, it is easier to create a sense of unity and communication by dancing in a circle or forming a procession with everyone.
Besides, food and goods stalls often appear in the hall, and you can dance and enjoy while eating and drinking.

Bon Odori Izakaya(Traditional Japanese pub) is now open to offer the place where you can experience such fascinating Japanese culture all year round in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Come and dance, drink and have fun with us!

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Please read in advance.

25 participants are required to conduct this event. It will be officially determined to take place when the minimum number of participants is achieved.
If we do not achieve the minimum number of participants 1 week prior to the schedule, the event will be postponed.
In this case, the program will be temporarily canceled, and we will notify you by email before 5 days prior to the schedule.

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We do not accept any refunds or cancellations after the payment is made and the purchase is confirmed.

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We do not accept any refunds or cancellations after the payment is made and the purchase is confirmed.


Drinking alcohol under the age of 20 and selling alcoholic to those youth are prohibited under Japanese law. We offer alcohol to customers at the age of 20 or above.

Try our free Yukata!

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  • yukata
  • yukata

No dress code. You can dance either in Yukata or the clothes you are wearing.


※Enjoy the special show by different performers of the night.

  • Supervisor/Performer

    - Ageha Bijo -

    鳳蝶 美成
  • Performers

    - Neo Awaodori / TAKARABUNE -

  • Performers

    - Awaodori / Warakuren -

  • Performers

    - Ushibuka Haiya Odori
    / Tokyo Ushibuka Haiya -

  • Performers

    - Okinawa Eisa
    / Arakaji Eisa -

  • Performers

    - Gujo Odori
    / Team Neko No Ko -

  • Navigator


  • Performers

    - Bonjo -




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