Ageha Bijo

  • Supervisor/Performer

    鳳蝶 美成
    - Ageha Bijo -

    鳳蝶 美成

    Certified instructor of The Japan Folk Music Association,
    Certified instructor of Japan Folk Dance & Modern Performing Dance Association.
    Founder of Japan Folk Dance Scholl of Ageha Ecole,
    Adviser of Japan Bon Dance Association.

    Started learning Japanese folk dances at the age of six.
    He is now the most renowned and powerful Bon Dance performer and producer.
    He has been active on TV and many other media, and his works include choreography and dance coaching of performers on TV commercials, music videos, and live concerts.

    Established "Ageha Ecole"( and teaches Bon Dance and other folk dances from across Japan.

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