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    Team Neko No Ko, Jujo Odori Dance Team
    Founded in 2019, under the cooperation and supervision of Machida Harukoma Kai*.
    Consists of 17 Gujo Odori lovers (5 male and 12 female) including certified Gujo Odori dancers, accredited masters of classical Japanese dance, or experts of other traditional Japanese performing arts.

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    *Machida Harukoma Kai 
    Founded in 1994 as a small group of 4 people living in Tokyo when Gujo Odori in Aoyama started.
    Supported by Gujo Hachiman Tourism Association and Gujo Odori Preservation Association, they practice the dance and songs of Gujo Odori, while studying the history and culture of Gujo Hachiman.
    The group has now grown to hold dozens of members and work to promote this lovely dance culture in Tokyo area.

    What is Gujo Odori?
    Designated as a National Significant Intangible Cultural Folk Asset, it is a 400-year old community festival that takes place in Gujo Hachiman City in Gifu Prefecture.
    Recognized as one of the 3 most important Bon dances in Japan, the other 2 of which are Tokushima Awa Odori and Akita Nishi Monai dances.
    It is known as the longest-run Bon Odori festival in Japan that continues for 30 nights from mid-July to early September.
    The peak is a four-night craze from August 13th to 16th, every year.

    Neko No Ko, Kitten’s Song
    One of the 10 Gujo Odori songs, and it depicts the cute movements of kittens.
    Silk manufacturing was very important in this small mountain town.
    And silkworm farmers loved and nurtured cats, because they killed mice that damaged silkworms.

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