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    ■Performer:Creative Dance Company “TAKARABUNE”

    Managed by Appcheez Enterprise (Musashino City, Tokyo / Representative Director: Moe Yonezawa) An Awa Odori entertainment troupe, pushing the boundaries of Japanese dance traditions.
    Founded in 1995 in Tokyo. Incorporated in 2012, TAKARABUNE is the only one professional dance company of Awa Odori in Japan. Starting with their first overseas performance in 2014, they now perform in North America, Europe, and Asia, and their field keeps expanding. Having attracted audience in accumulated 41 cities in 14 countries outside Japan, they now dance on over 300 stages in 10 countries annually.

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    TAKARABUNE is now internationally known for their distinguished performance in Japan Expo Paris and other world-class festivals. In 2018, they completed a trans-North American tour on a van, giving performance in Washington University in St. Louis and other colleges and universities across the United States. The company is aggressively collaborating with performers in different genres, including club DJs in music festivals. In March 2019, they performed with street dancers in El Rey Theatre in LA, which was broadcasted live on terrestrial TV in Hollywood. They have become influential in the academic field, and spoke on TED x U Tokyo, allied by TED, the worldwide conference program, and Tokyo University.


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